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Lesson 2


Excellent work last lesson Naomi! I hope you enjoy studying at Fusion English.




Today you are going to learn about predicting and anticipating answers. Complete the following activity

What would you expect to hear if someone was talkng about the following topics?

Write your answers down:


1. Someone was going to buy tickets to go on holiday



2. Someone was attending a lecture on human psychology



3. Someone was giving a tour of a museum



4. Someone was talking about pollution in their city






Click on the links to complete the following activities. Remember to use the prediction skills that you discussed with your teacher.

HINT: In the IELTS listening test, you should always spend you reading time trying to think what sort of answers would be suitable. For example, if you see the question, "When was she born?" You will know that the answer will be a date.


Complete the following test - before you listen do the following:


a) guess what the topic is about


b) guess what sort of answer should be used in each question


Mindmaps or brainstorms are good ways to think of ideas for your speaking test. Complete the following mindmaps with your teacher.



1. Healthy food


2. Fun activities in your city


3. Your aims and goals for the future




You are now going to have another go at practising Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test.


First, watch the video of Astari talking about her travels and what she likes about living in Australia.

Click here to watch the video


Write down all the questions that Astari was asked and ask yoru teacher those questions.


Your teacher will then ask you the questions that Astari was asked, as well as some more difficult questions.


For your homework last lesson, you looked at IELTS speaking part 2 and answered some questions.



1. Share your homework answers with your teacher.

2. You will now be given the opportunity to talk about one of the topics you talked about in the first speaking exercise. Try and talk for at least 2 minutes on the topic. Your teacher will help you.



Complete the following activities for homework

Click here to complete the following listening activities. Before you complete them, you must use the prediction skills that were studied in class today.

Answer the following questions:
1. What are some traditional foods in your culture?
2. Do you like eating them, why?
3. Can you make them? Are they easy to make?
4. What sort of food do you eat most days?
5. Would you call yourself a good cook? Why? Why not?

Use the recorder to record your answers and listen to them. Did you speak fluently?



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