About Fusion English

Roger Hayward started Fusion English in 2005 with a dream to see English learning that wasn’t based on text books or classrooms. As an alternative, placing the emphasis on giving students the tools and understanding to be effective learners. Students that could learn English anywhere and anytime based on the belief that language isn't something to be be taught but learnt.


In 2010 Chris McKenzie joined Roger as a partner in Fusion English. Like Roger, through his years of teaching English in New Zealand and overseas, he saw many students who lacked the tools and understanding of how to effectively learn English. Chris has a passion to train English learners and has had significant experience teaching IELTS and advanced English to students. He also brings his strengths as a curriculum designer.


Fusion English began and continues to be a pioneer in using innovative E-learning tools. This is combined with an out of the classroom approach and strong one-on-one support for the learner.



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